Summary of running in 2018 (ending the year with 83 marathons)

Dear supporters,

This is the first blog and only blog of 2018 regarding the road to 100 marathon journey, the year started with a new job and so got very busy.   It was a struggle to keep up with training consistently and there were weeks that i hardly do any running due to being tired from work.  I manage to run 10 marathons and a virtual race, not even sure how i did that because during the 6th one of the year, London marathon a dear friend Matt Campbell collapsed during the marathon and my cousin Michael less than a day after died and I just lost the plot, the year has turned out as awful such as the last two ones.  Mojo was lost and i just couldn’t be bothered to run, let alone run any marathon.

Liverpool marathon which was the 80th marathon but it was a very hollow celebration, did not feel happy at all, just dragged myself to the race, no joy.  Then giants head marathon in June, more of the same, reluctant and didn’t want go but the lovely rmr group were very supportive and got me there and i really had so much fun and enjoyed the race, there was 4 months gap before snowdonia marathon and I really enjoyed it as well as the last marathon the remembrance marathon.

I would just like that say huge thanks to the running community, run mummy run, fetcheveryone, twitter friends and everyone who have supported me to keep going and that the mojo will come back and just keep moving forward.

This is a blog i never wanted to write because i just couldn’t find the words to say to how awful this year has been, so i will like to thank Jenine cooper for encouraging me to write about this.

The journey of the 100 marathon is still continuing and it has been toughest year to keep going.  I am just thankful to God that the planned 10 marathon was achieved and ending with 83 marathon.  Next marathon will be Manchester or something before then, not sure.  6 marathons booked for 2019 so am still looking for 4 more to book.

Wishing everyone happy new year and a peaceful and blessed 2019 and may all your running and non-running goals be accomplished.

Grateful to everyone that I met and ran with in 2018, hopefully meet many more in 2019 as well, the pics reflect i had some fun during a very difficult year, love my running family 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘




The last marathon of the year 2016

Dear supporters and readers,

It has been almost 4 weeks ago that i ran the last marathon of the year, the 11th one which now totals numbers marathon done so far to 63 marathons.  This was the Kristall abbey trail marathon in Leeds, this was the second time in taking part in this race, i remember the first time in 2014 i thought i wont be back because it was muddy and off road and not really my kind of race but second time round i surprisingly enjoyed it, it was also a race to meet with the 10in10 family and run together before having dinner in the evening after the race.

The race started at 9.30am but was given the opportunity to start early which i will always take, so started at 8.30am it was 4 deg cold, so wore 4 layers to keep warm.  Few of us, about 6 or so began with my lovely friend Jim Meta, who was Marshalling us to the turnaround half way point and also a gentleman called Brian newham who has completed 100 marathon and the marathon was his 101, we chatted and ran together to the end, it was great to run with others.  Each lap was 8.8 miles and took about 2hrs plus to completed every lap, as i said it wasn’t too bad this time round as i knew what to expect and relaxed into it more, it rained a lot for the last lap and my gloves was soaked and my fingers were getting very cold, the course isn’t so bad, there is a killer of a hill and then the lovely downhill which was just super lovely to make time up.


The marathon was completed in 6.33 and at least early enough before daylight disappeared, then it was back to the hotel to meet my lovely nutter friend jo to dress up for the 10in10 dinner family for 7pm. The fun part of the day 😊😍 we had a great evening of laughs with my 10in10 family, always great to catch up specially once a year and have a good time together and remembering one of our own too, the not to be forgotten camera dude martin Campbell, may his soul continue to rest in peace, and we will never forget him as he touch each and every one of us in truly special way.


Letting my hair down with fellow RMR sole sister Jo Yarnall 😊😍 we scrub well lol 😂



Some 10in10 family 😍😍😍

Thanks so much for the support over this year in running 13 races, 2 DNF, 63 marathons to date and so happy to getting closer to the 100 marathons goal, it has been a memorable year, the highlight of the year has to be the 100 miler finish but the third time attempt, still very surreal and cannot actually believe that i have achieved it, thanks to all of my running family for the rooting and support in getting me to the start and finish of the event, believing that i can do it when i didn’t think i could.   It just goes to show that even though you are on this journey alone, an army of people that wish you well makes a lot of difference and i felt all the love on that day Oct 15, 2016 will be the day i will never forget.  I will love to come back and do it again and hopefully with less crying next time lol 😂


2016 medals 😍😍😍

I am now resting for 2 half months before my next race which is 4th of march 2017, so looking forward to resting the very shattered body and get ready for next year races, 7 races has been signed up for already including one ultra (race to the stones) so looking forward to meeting new friends and seeing the usual suspects on the running scene.  It has been a pleasure to share the running journey with all of you.  Thanks so much for the love, my entire running family (i will be here all day if i mention every single one of you) really means so much to me and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and very prosperous 2017.  Lots of love always ❤️️❤️️❤️️

100 Mile race, Third time lucky And the birthday buckle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Supporters,

It has been a very long time since I blogged which was March 2016 and a lot has happened in all those months, I had ran the SDW50 in April and did not finish, Thames Path 100 (second attempt of the 100 miler) got to 77.8 miles and timed out because I got lost with my pacer 😖 , Brathay Windermere marathon, Jo Yarnall snickerton 100th marathon, potteries, World Cup anniversary, back to back planes, cars and automobiles, 24 hrs Equinox, so I had done 9 marathons up to this, with 2 DNF’s which I had to replace with two to be able to get the target of 10 marathons in one year.  And also the usual busy life with 3 children, mr toks and working part-time, trying to keep the training up as well and also still grieving over the loss of my brother Yemi just made the task of updating my blog an after thought. Even i had the TP100 blog incomplete too!


With all the above heavy schedule, I had added my name to the wait list of the A100 centurion race which was going to be taking place on my birthday, I was super excited of the prospect of running 100 miles on my 25th bday again lol.  I wasn’t sure if would get in, 2 weeks later I got the email to say I was in, I was so happy, 3rd time going to run 100 miler, to finish this business of nailing and getting the buckle.  I ran the Equinox24 one month before the A100 and my back didn’t feel great at all, painful a lot on the hills and I even had to take four hrs sleep/rest during the race because of the pain and now the doubt of running the 100 miles began to set in and I almost withdraw from the event but I changed my mind and decided to get on with it and be on that start line on the 15th October, saw my regular physio who worked her magic and got me ok one day before the race.

Now the race day was here, I didn’t have a brilliant night before the morning as I was tossing and turning every 2 hrs till 5.45am and decided to get ready and go and collect my number and drop my bag early when the registration opens, all the centurion staff wishing me well and rooting for me to get that birthday buckle.  Meet up with Emma Bird we had breakfast before going to the main hall were all the runners will be addressed, greetings of happy bday and wishes of all the best to run strong and get that buckle for me bday, it was now time to reach deep down inside and focus on how am going to run this race, 9.45am race briefings by James about the route, the navigation and to look after each other out there. Then it was 10am and we all set off, I had decided I will run/walk for 13 mins miling for as long as I can for the first 50 miles, since I wasn’t familiar with the route and didn’t recess it, I will not listen to music so that I don’t get distracted and get lost, even though it was out and backs, a wrong turn can end my chances of finishing and I don’t want that again just like TP100 in May.



The smiles before the challenge!!!!

It was a friendly race, everyone wishing everyone well, I wore a sparkling skirt for my bday which everyone commented about that I was the best dressed runner, wishes of happy bday along the root, just lovely to see runners the opposite way and you say well done and receive the same back, very friendly.  The pace was going so well, trying not to drop below 14 mins miling unless it was at the checkpoint which I didn’t faff about too much, take what I needed, thank the lovely volunteers and off I go to keep making progress for the first 50 miles.  Few times I wasn’t too sure where I needed to turn, but then I see a runner in the distance or opposite way and will follow the right path.  Leg one was completed in 5.34.  Back to goring main checkpoint, got the necessary items, had water refilled, grab food and out again, the staff and volunteers not allowing me to waste too much time at the checkpoints for fear of being timed out!

leg 2 begins, the ridgeway path, omg this was very tough on the feet, lots of tree roots on the ground that were not easy, my legs almost giving was a few times, i could have gone flying so decided to walk and be very cautious of my movement during this very difficult leg, i think it started to rain by this time and it got a bit dark too very early as by 6pm i saw runners with their head torches on, it was getting difficult to see the tree roots and knowing where to place the footsteps.  This should have recessed but i can’t dwell on that now, i move on and stay positive and try to finish this leg by 10pm to meet my pacer emmett.  I met up with susie when i was about to get lost at the golf course area and we were together till the end of the second leg, nice to have someone to chat with and be with as it was getting darker.  As we approached the goring checkpoint saw volunteer Glyn who ran with us for half a mile or so to the checkpoint and by this time it was 10.45pm, which was later than planned and my pacer wasn’t very happy.  I had to change my socks, cream my feet with vaseline, wear warm clothes, get hot food and start the 3rd 15/20 mins after, eating as i went along.

3rd leg begins, with pacer emmett and susie.  The night sections was always going to be very challenging in any 24 hours race, by this time it was very cold and the section is just exposed to the elements.  I was cold i was tired now, being on my feet for 13 hrs now and pacer emmett needs me ‘to get a move on’ walking alone will not do it, i had to run a lot to keep pace of 15/16 miling as he said my walking pace is too slow and it was about 19 and we risk being timed out! OMG!! I don’t want that to happen, i have come a long way to get to this point again, I don’t want it to go up in smoke again, I asked emmett about the caffeine tablets i had during tp100 in may, i took a tablet and it worked instantly giving me the much needed boost and i kept up with the pace for 4/5 miles and then i flag again.  Emmett will be way ahead by 200/300 yards ahead screaming for me to get a move on, i was getting cold and very tired, my back has now started playing up, it was a very tough leg, wanting it to end sooner but it went on and on forever, it was very cold and it rained quite a bit again, long drawn out leg that finished in 7.30 so we had a battle on our hands to get moving fast and finish.  Got the checkpoint goring, left the walking poles, even though i still needed it, but it caused an issue during the third leg lol with my pacer, he carried for most of the 7hrs plus and he was happy at all, so we left it, didn’t change anything, just grab tea and hot food, Nicci gave me 15 mins to get myself ready and out, Donna providing the hot food, just before 6.30am we started the 4th leg thames path.

4th leg Thames Path, i was now at the last position and few miles into the race, Emmett reminding me that if we done push on faster i will be timed out, is that what i want?? Of course not the thought of that happening again was just too terrifying, i screamed and shouted and got my head in gear, come on Tinu, move on, move on, you can’t fail now, you have to give it your all even though you are in hell right now but it won’t last forever, come on keep moving, moving forward (started to rehearse gospel song) in my head.  Dan the sweeper met up with us at this point and I thought oh no the sweeper, i will be timed out but he assured me that i was on good time and am making good progress and he was under instructions from nicci that i need to get to the finish and earn that buckle, omg my whole body was already in so much pain, 25 miles of hell, emmett still expected me to do a lot of running, my body felt like it was in hell, i cried, and cried, cried, the tears will not stop, i was in a very bad way, my back was so bad, dan got me to focus on park bench to park bench, pole to pole, bin to bin, landmark to landmark on the path, 25 miles now felt like 250 miles, how am i going to make it to the finish in this state, I started to run with my head down and my hands by my side, just trying to focus on my breathing and that wasn’t going too well, it took forever to get to Reading the turnaround and checkpoint and there those ridiculous stairs after you have been running for almost 90 miles, that was just evil omg!!! When we got there, it was a dragged down by emmet and shoved up.  Then going up the checkpoint at reading to register my arrival, that was evil again, could hardly walk let alone climb the stairs, i can also remember that it took forever to actually get to Reading, remember seeing people pass me coming back and i was wondering when am I actually going to turn around and start making my way back to the goring main checkpoint the finish, it was as if that will never happen but it did, got to Reading, got some tea and few snacks and 13 miles to get to the finish with one more checkpoint to overcome at Whitchurch.  Sill being pushed and encouraged to move on by emmett and dan even if it a shuffle of many steps better than nothing at all and i have to keep moving very fast, after running 87 mile, i am now down and out and thinking and saying it aloud that i might not make, i dare not look at the time, i am struggling big time.  Meanwhile, i had caught up with a few runners and i was no longer at the back which was shocking with the pace i was crawling at, at around past 12 noon, i was getting worried that i will be timed out at whitchurch as I wasn’t aware of how well we were doing for time, so i cried and i was thinking omg the dream is now going to be over, all the pain over night and running and crawling for over 24 hrs is going to be in vain but when we got in the checkpoint we had 20 mins in hand and now had 1.40 to completed 4 and half miles, i was relived but it is a very long was on tired legs, emmett was saying the get a move on and he isn’t messing about, my legs my whole body was just completely gone, i moved as fast as i could, he calculated that 17 mins miling will get us safely in good time to the finish line.

So the final last few miles were now on, i was an emotional wreck, wanted to speak to jo, wish she was there at the finish, we manage to speak to her, with 2 miles to go and the emotions and the realisation that the dream of wanting to run 100 miler is about to come true, i cannot believe it, there is a light at the end of this tunnel, the whole running family, centurion staff, volunteers getting me thru this.  Then the last few yards, i saw emma lewis, broke down into her arms, so worn out, so shattered in so much pain, manage to get to the goring finish, hug james, Nicci had the buckle and the shirt, crying uncontrollably, with everyone singing happy bday, i had done it, by the skin of my teeth, i was beside myself with tears, fellow runners congratulating me, i just couldn’t believe that the dream has come true, 3rd time lucky and birthday buckle, i have done it in 27:31:43 the last leg took us 7:15 negative split and 15 mins quicker than the 3rd leg, with many thanks to emmett and dan, I doubted the reality from 75 miles onwards if it was going to be the case.  It has been a week since the race and it is still very surreal and cant believe me, slow runner has participated and completed an 100 mile race, many thanks to everyone that has supported me over the years for past couple of years when I decided i was going to embark on this crazy stunt lol.   It has been an emotional rollercoaster of a journey from 2014 when i started training for TP100 and did the first one last year that ended with a very bad fall but i got to 67 miles and Tp100 this year that ended at 77.8 because we got lost but both races i have learned so much from and it got me to this place of completing for the 3rd time.  For everyone that was tracking me at home and sleepless night last week, i thank you all.  The support on facebook/twitter has been overwhelming, am truly grateful to be able to set a goal and achieve it, still trying to catch up on sleep lol since the race, i have manage Parkrun yesterday in 34.48 and legs were not so bad at all which is very shocking as I thought it will just be walking for a while yetimg_0026

The finish picture with Emmett, the pacer, so wrecked and broken I couldn’t manage a smile at all 😭😣😫 but my pacer was pretty pleased with himself, lol he got the job done in getting me to the finish and for that i will always be forever grateful.

This is an experience that i will never forget in a hurry, just like the 10in10 four years ago surreal that i achieved it then, i will forever treasure the memories of last week and my  bday for a very long time, as for what is next, The A100 was the 10th marathon of the year and i have one more marathon next month, for the quest of running 100 marathons so that should keep me busy for the next few years,  thanks to everyone that has followed my journey so far there are so many people to mention pls forgive me if I don’t remember or mention all, nicci making sure i get that buckle at all cost, james for the lovely mention in the A100 report, Emmet and Dan they drove me kicking and crying for those last 30 miles or so brutal but it had to be done i know,  Jo yarnall, kept in touch with her and she was updating everyone online about my progress on the race, run mummy run group sole sisters, i could hear you all screaming me over that line literally with every cut off point looming, run for fun, fetcheveryone, running the distance, ultra running, centurion running groups, just so many groups to mention, am very grateful for the support and the faith in me that i can achieve this impossible task against all the odds as a slow runner that has never manage sub 5hrs for a marathon yet!   My family too were rooting especially my second daughter who was keeping up to date with the tracking my every move, they were all excited 😊 that i made it in good time to the finish.


Just to end with keep believing and achieving your dreams, it is not the fact that you get knocked down but how many times you get back up and get on with accomplishing your goals, we have to surround ourselves with people that believe in us and that makes all the difference, that is all the encouragement we need to make us achieve our gaols in whatever area in our lives, I didn’t know how i was going to achieve running 100 miles just getting to the start was a miracle and with everyone support, that got me to the finish line with 3 attempts, keep believing, don’t give up, if i can do the impossible, anyone can, i thank you all from the bottom of my heart, thanks for reading, word of advice, anyone wanting to do the race A100, make sure you recess the 2nd and the 3rd legs,  very challenging legs for me and i wish i had put that effort into doing that before the race but life gets in the way of the way i would like to train. The buckle hasn’t left my sight, it goes everywhere with me now, am still reflecting oh how everything happened, with all the very challenging day last week, i will do it again but not in a hurry though!!!! Got lots of recovery and catch up on sleep 😴


The two amazing gentlemen who endured my whinging and crying for 30 odd miles to the finish, bless them and many thanks to both of you, sorry 😬😖😊 for the endless crying!!!


Donna super amazing volunteers and supporter of the runner, feeding and looking after us, many thanks from the bottom of my heart 😘😘😘😘


The recovery meal after running for 27.31 that tasted soooooooooooooooooo gooooooood




Blog that I never wanted to write😢😖😔

Dear supporters,

It has been ages since I have updated this road to 100 marathons blog due to life just to busy and hectic. And time has just flown by and getting closer to the TP100 event again but I have got to get through running 50 miler event on the 9th of April and Brighton marathon the week after. Training for the 100 miler actually started in the new year and having consulted my crew for TP100 which I am so eternally grateful for their wanting to support me, I was very much at ease and just needed to focus and get lots of miles in the tanks before April.

Then few weeks into training, last month of February 6th normal Saturday morning, I was getting ready for local parkrun with my daughter and got a call from my sister in Nigeria, saying our step younger brother yemi just turned 33 years old in January was involved in an accident the day before but he is in the hospital and his older sister is on her way to see him and his condition. I didn’t think it was serious but told my sister to keep me posted when she finds out more info on yemi’s condition.

Off to parkrun with daughter which took us 45 mins or so as I was keeping to her pace, got a call interrupting the nike running by my sister and this happened twice, so I when we finished running and going home and checked my phone, saw the message left by my sister on Viber that he had passed away 😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😱😱 called her instantly and started screaming the whole park, my daughter came running towards me, what happened, I just screamed I said oh my God, I am dead, my sister had passed the phone to her hubby as she couldn’t speak, I could hear lots of people crying and screaming in tears 😢😢😢😢 my daughter and managed to get home and started to call Nigeria to find out what had happened exactly, he and the driver was hit on high impact by a car whilst approaching a junction on a motorcycle, driver died instantly and yemi was taken to hospital and died the following day. I called his mum, his siblings to extend my condolences for a young life senselessly taken away from us 😢😢😢😢😢 devastated about his loss, he looked after my dad in 2007 like his own dad, a very humble and amazing human being. This time last year I visited Nigeria and saw him during the Easter break, I will never see him again, the only son of my step mother, I feel utterly sorry for her loss, first phone call to her was harrowing 😖😖😖 what do u say?? To a mother that has lost their son.

I wanted to travel home to be with family members but school term time made that restricted, I took a week off work as the grieve was too much and use the opportunity to up the training mileage. My crew were very supportive in encouraging to keep focus and do it for the memory of yemi. February 8th was also my mum’s would have been 71 bday and so the emotions of grieve were just so much to bear as I am writing this blog. Why did a young life had to be cut short like this, I am still in a state of shock and cannot believe I will not see Yemi again 😢😢😢😢😢 I have been struggling for weeks and contemplated about writing this blog or not, ending up writing this feels therapeutic to just get my thought down in the blog.

This blog hadn’t been about running but the reflection and loss of my younger brother as I taper slowly for the SDW50 miler, Brighton marathon and the TP100 my thoughts will be running for Yemi, the driver that passed away (whose name I don’t know) and also my mum foluke Ogundari. I know the road to 100 marathons wouldn’t be easy and the loss of losing Yemi is sadly how life is as well, I will never forget him, surely he is with his dad and mine too, may his soul rest in peace and the LORD ALMIGHTY console his mother and his siblings who are in pieces about his loss 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

Thanks for reading and the support, I will be back to update by the end of this next coming races in May, till then thanks for the support always xxxximage

Halfway through the challenge of running 100 marathons 😀😀😀

Dear supporters,

It has been almost 3 weeks ago since I completed the 7th and 8th marathon for the year and the milestone of reaching 50th marathon 😀😀😀😀 halfway through the road and the journey of running 100 marathons, so surreal even after a few weeks now 😳😱 that me can even have ran all those marathons.  That weekend started on Friday night with all my children coming with me to Milton Keynes and I thought omg how am I going to cope with 2 marathons at the weekend with all of them there but actually their support gave me the needed energy to give it my all and I really had a ball 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼😍😍😍😀😀😀

The weather was so bad on the Saturday, completely washed out by the weather, drenched but my spirit was so uplifted that I could have flown with the heavy wind pushing my back 😳😳😳 not the weather for PB at all, I was happy for the time of 6.13 that I completed the marathon in, overjoyed as I cross the finish line with my daughter.  No time for much celebrations just to get thaw and get recovery in time for marathon #51.  It was a pleasure to run with max on day 2, really got each other through the tedious 7 and half laps and completing just before 7 hours.  Running marathons with others is so much fun that on your own, the miles just fly by and before you know it you are finished and celebrating with others. My children ran the last 200 meters with us to the finish, I was beaming with so much joy that my children were with me, unforgettable weekend that I will always remember 😃.

What a journey from 2006 when I did my first marathon which was London, I never imagine doing a second third fourth and so on, but somehow I got the bug of just running, crawling, walking long distant races, including 6 ultra out of the 51 marathons, looking back I have enjoyed the journey with fellow nutters that have supporting me each step of the way rooting for me, believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, even though it is a solo sport, never have I felt alone, the running community has been a rock for me to getting this far. Not until I witnessed Mr Steve Edwards ran his 500th marathon 3 years is when I decided I will go for the challenge to run 100 marathons and join this elite club of super human beings 😳😱 I knew that plan was crazy but I just felt it isn’t a sprint and I can take my time in getting marathons done one at a time.  Some marathons have been fun, some have been hellish, it is like being on a roller coaster, the ups and the downs like life really, it teaches you at lot  about yourself and how to deal with everyone and everything around you.

It is a great life lesson really, this journey has taught me FRIENDSHIP ACCEPTANCE SURRENDER COURAGE NEVER GIVING UP BELIEVE and plenty more.   Another super human being called sandra Robinson who is no longer with us inspired me 10 years ago when I did my first race, race for life 5k and since then have never looked back and have kept going like a nutter lol and met so many inspiring fellow runners over the years, too many to mention individually you may belong to any of the super groups that I am a part such as fetch everyone, run mummy run (super sole sisters), run for fun, 10in10 family, running the world, Twitter, family/friends everyone that has met me or chatted with me on social media, you have all played a major role in getting me this far and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and last but not the least is thanks to God almighty for the strength for running all the miles that I have done so far and for everything HE will do in the future.



The Birthday blog, The 49th marathon completed 😀😀😀😀


Dear supporters,

It has been a while since the last blog (July 19th) after the ultra, Kent 50 miles challenge and no race until the 11th of October 😳😱😀 so quite a long gap and to be honest I was happy for the rest. The Yorkshire marathon was 4 days to my 25th birthday again 😄😉 and I was going to rock n roll the 49th marathon in style. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on the day, totally blown away with the love and support as always and so eternally grateful 😘😘😘

so the yorkshire marathon last week was amazing from start to finish 😀😀😀👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 the crowd, the marshals were great, I tried to keep up with fellow runners Jo and running man for sub 5 hrs but couldn’t from 10 miles onwards as I was finding it difficult to breath, to chat 😱 so I had to let them go and back to my own pace where I can be relaxed and take in the atmosphere, one day I will run a sub 5 hours but today wasn’t that day.  I wasn’t too distraught about that fact, just happy to be plodding along and want to finish in one piece and not in pieces.

It was lively course and fast too, switch back which are fun as you can see runners ahead of you too, it was a warm day to my surprise as I became hot and wearing long sleeves, typical British weather oh well, must try and stay as cool and hydrated as much as possible. The marshals were great with their words of encouragement and cheers as I was struggling with the later miles 😁😣😖 they lifted my spirit and I was energized to carry on but the hill by the 25th mile 😳 I had to walk up that one, not a chance of running up it, then the 500 meters to the finish what a delight that was 😀👍🏼 finish that I sprinted to the finish what a treat that was finishing in style, normally I crawl towards the finish line, don’t you just love and hate gravity 😀😀😀

Marathon #49 in the bag, so happy to have got to this stage in the journey/road to running 100 marathons and I will be a wannabe next month 7/8 at the enigma fireworks marathon next month for the 50th and 51st marathon at that weekend whoop whoop 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼😍😍😍 it is going to be party time around that lake 🎉🎉🎉.   It will also mark 3 years ago next month when I decided I wanted to join the superstars and legends that have 100 marathons and more.  So as always many thanks to everyone that has supported this crazy goal, all of you have literally given me wings to fly and soar with numerous messages of hope and encouragement when I doubt if I can make it to the next marathon at all.  With marathon running, life happens as well and in the last two week, I have been blessed to be aunty to two beautiful nieces.  I had a very lovely birthday and feel truly blessed to be surrounded with lots of love by family and wonderful friends, till next blog, stay blessed 😘😘😘😘

Yorkshire marathon pictures 😀

Yorkshire marathon pictures 😀


Last minute ultra??? 😳😳😳😱😱😱 the 48th marathon in the bag whoop whoop!!!

Dear supporters,

It has been a while since I have blogged and life just gets too busy to even write anything but just to summaries what has happened since the last blog. I did the Liverpool marathon no 47th on the 14th of June and though it was great organizationimage image image, it was a horrible day for me, fatigued and exhausted and still think I wasn’t ok mentally since the 100 miler. It was a awful from start to finish, my stomach wasn’t right and it got very bad from mile 14 that I called my sister in the states and was in tears, the goal the quickly became I had to make the cut off time of 6hrs which I did in 5.40, I couldn’t deal with another DNF again so I was happy that was in the bag and finishing with a fellow runner max was the only best thing of the race, having failed to keep up with May and Emmett. I will love to go back I really enjoy the event again.

So after having a poorly marathon, hat do I do?? Oh enter a last minute ultra the Kent 50 mile challenge that i do every year since 2007 almost 53 miles of 8 laps in some big field in  whistable 😁😁😁😳😳😳 great training and running hasn’t been going well and I signed up for it 3 weeks to the event, yeah totally bonkers of me. Oh well so now the pressure is on and I didn’t even have any time to do back to back long runs and I was exhausted from work and home life and I can just about keep myself going day to day.  So three days before the event, I really thought with all these exhaustion and lack of training and couldn’t possible be on the start line of a 53 miler 😱😱😱😱😣😣😣😣 but still wanted to try and do it against all the odds so I called my fellow nutter, may chan and she gave me a kick up the backside lol, she gave me a good talking to, lifted my spirit and reminded of my goals of running 100 marathons and I have got to keep on with the goal, just do it.  I was grateful for the chat and determined to be there no matter what.

The day of the 52.96 miler arrived.  Almost didn’t make it to the start line as the alarm didn’t wake me, thanks to body clock of always doing early run, had 45 mins to get ready for the taxi to take me to the starting line up, I arrived there with just 15 mins to spare before 6am, had 5 mins briefing about the race and then 40 or so nutters were off to run 52.96 miles in 15 hours 😳😳😁😁😁💪💪💪 here we go!

Each lap was 6.62 miles and the route has been changed too, a lot more tarmac than uneven and grassy bits which I love, I quickly settled into a comfortable pace of walking a big and lots of running, completed first two laps in 3hrs, the new hoka trails shoes were great, comfy and bouncy, I was happily bouncing along like Tiggia.  It rained for about two hours when we started and then the heat started, boiling from 11 to around 6pm. I kept up with walking and running till the 6th miles when I got exhausted, then walked the last two laps and completed in 14hours and 30 minutes, I couldn’t believe I had done it, it is a rabbit out of the bag again, a miracle event really, I must say I really enjoyed it more this year than the other years, my new hoka trail shoes made so much difference to my feet, they were happy 😀😀😀 normally my feet suffer a lot as the temperature rises, my feet will be on fire and screaming help me but not this time, am a hoka converter now and just before this event I bought 3 pairs (one road and two trails)

I am so grateful to the Lord Almighty for the strength of completing this ultra race and almost one week later I cannot believe I did it!!!! Many thanks to everyone for the support in this journey of running 100 marathons, I am almost half way there 😀😀😀😀. Marathon no 49 will be in York on the 11th of October and 4 days to my birthday, will be awesome to see many fellow runners there, thanks so much for reading and stay blessed xxxxxx

My first 100 mile race…….The dream was over at 67 miles 😱😳😢😣😔

Dear supporters,

In any situation I have experienced in life, whether good or bad, I always approach it from the perception of GRATITUDE and so even though I am in physical pain and very gutted to the core about not completing the TP100, all the people that supported me to the start of the 100 miler deserves a mention and a huge thanks for the part they played to get me to that start line, so I begin.

First and foremost I would like to thank God Almimageighty for the strength and the courage to be able to sign up and train for this huge challenge in the first place and I knew that it will be a very difficult and challenging road ahead but I still got on with it with faith and believe that I will succeed so am thankful to him for his mercies. To my fellow Run Mummy run sole sisters who supported my decision to sign up for the 100 miler at the Retreat last year July when I opened my mouth that I wanted to go for this challenge they all supported it from then till now, am so grateful for the support it has carried me through to the weekend, I congratulate my fellower TP100 runners that completed the 100 miles challenge last weekend extremely happy for them for achieving their goals, then I will like to thank the centurion staff and volunteers for making my first centurion experience a very memorable one, everyone was very amazing at the registration, the aid stations, the sweepers, Simon and Richard. It certainly was a family of ultra running event, I didn’t know what to expect and I loved every hour it lasted, and also to thanks my fellow runners in all the groups that were rooting for me at home and willing me to get to Oxford the finish line, and more importantly fellow runners on route from Run Mummy Run that is Mandy, at mile 14, Lucy from 22 miles with roar of cheers 😀😀😀 from her and Jennifer, then Jennifer pacing me from Henley, 51 miles and Annie pacing me from Mile 58 Reading to 67 where I met Max and where the action ended. I am so thankful to have reached 67 but just still absolutely gutted that I didn’t finish the challenge. Everyone that stayed up late into the morning and tracking me too, everyone that sponsored me for south London and maudsley hospital, my gratitude knows no bound am just so grateful to everyone for their support over the year leading up to last week. If I have missed anyone out, pls forgive me and I love you very much xxxxx

Now to the essay about the weekend 2/5/15 itself, before it becomes a blur, decided to start to write it before I forget every important detail of what I went through, what went right and what went horrible wrong and how I can improve on what I have learned for the future.

So here goes, I woke up on the morning of the sat for 3am to get ready, eat and get all my belongings together so that I don’t leave anything at home before the cab arrived but I still opps forget my old two iPhones that I could have used when the battery of one died 😁 anyway I arrived at the Richmond old town hall and the first to arrive of all the runners as the centurion were still setting up, arriving early for me would mean I wouldn’t panic and relax and remembering what I needed to have on me at the start before it gets busy and chaotic with other runners in the registration room. Soon all the fellow runners arrived, seeing everyone getting ready, use the loo for a few times, get drop bags into the van then it was off to the start with 400 runners and for the briefing at 9.45 and I was still smiling and feel totally relaxed, not panicking at all which was very strange and happy to be at the start line to run 100 miles, this is it and all the training for one year has got to this, now is the time to run 100 miles from Richmond to Oxford 😀😀😀💪💪👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 now let’s do this!

Then we began trying to find my rhythm from the start, the terrain was harsh on the feet as I tried to settle to a comfortable pace and into a mile I almost fell down and I quickly recovered and didn’t wow I thought as I got away with that one, getting on with it going and trying not to get lost and follow the fellow runners which route they had taken so looking up and not concentrating on the floor, my foot clipped a stone or a root of tree and I fell and smashed my body onto the floor 😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😣😣😣 I thought oh no this wasn’t in the plan to fall at the 3rd mile omg as I scrambled to get up, blood pouring from my elbow and palms, my knee so badly knocked and swollen I dared not look at it, fellow runner asked if I was ok as he saw me fall which I said I was and I carried up to try and run but it was so difficult 😳😳😳😳 plans of running 12 minute miling just went to pots. My confidence was severely knocked, my mind was racing what am I going to do if I cannot run or walk as fast as I can with this injury??? I use my buff to clean the blood and just had to keep moving, throbbing badly with pain but kept moving and met up with a few runners who were walking very fast, walking to the halfway wasn’t in the plan at all, I was devastated but decided am not going to give up without a fight!!!!! I was thinking that all those cut of times is going to be very difficult to meet them 😁😁😁

I got to the 11th mile checkpoint in an hour before cut off time but I know that I cannot afford to hang about at all because of injuries to my knee just grabbed the necessary bit and made my move to the next checkpoint which is another 11 miles which on a good body wasn’t too much but on a injured one it seemed like very far away then a couple of miles into it, meet Mandy from RMR and boy was I was excited to see her with RMR flag and I got pretty emotional too when I hugged her, it was as if I had seen 10,000 plus RMR sole sisters into one, it gave me a much need boost and I continued on my way and then shortly Simon the sweeper can up to me so I felt OMG am the last runner but he reassured me that he just had to start removing the course markers along the route but I was happy with his company and it meant that I won’t get lost and be on the right track.

Upon arriving at 23 miles I got massive cheers from the volunteers and Jennifer and Lucy from RMR, the lift it gives to the soul, is indescribable I was lifted in spirit and totally had forgotten the fall from now a few hours ago, I was an hour ahead, I got food, plenty of hugs from the sole sisters and not spend too much time at the aid station and moved on to the next aid station which was another 8 miles or so.

I caught up with CATHERINE and another gentleman and kept up with them, trying to run a bit and power walk a lot and trying to make sure that I get to the halfway mark in 12 hours, which was going to be very challenging if I wasn’t running much omg 😱😱😱 but I press on, I didn’t want anything negative to cloud my mind at all just trying to keep when I get to Oxford and not if I get to Oxford going in my head. I also called my sister for motivational chat and told her I had fallen and the state I was in and that am moving as fast as I can to advance through the aid stations. I got to Dorney and had 40 mins ahead of cut off, I was getting a little worried but I grabbed food that I needed and started to move towards the next station which cookham.

It started to rain a little now and nightfall sets in, I was getting more hungrier, the decision to leave the chicken and peanut bread was not good at all. I should have had at least one of the bags with me 😣😣😣 I could also would have done with hot meal and that would have given much needed energy during the night and morning time, this is what a crew would have sorted out for me if I had one, I started to feel cold and now need warm clothes but I will have to get to it in 12 miles, so with hunger and feeling cold, my pace got slower and slower and by the time I got to Henley mile 51 And I had just 6 mins to spare 😁😁😁😳😳😳 I couldn’t even change my clothing at all, just had to grab puddings from the bag and off I go with my pacer Jennifer who was a superstar, walking very fast to advance faster but I was few steps behind with God knows what land I was in, for some miracle she got Reading with few minutes to spare again and I had to just grab food that Susie Chan rustle for me and I was off again with my second pacer for the early hours of the morning Annie from RMR.

During the walk towards witchurch, the sweeper Richard caught up with us and it was a lovely chat with both of them to support me thru the night but I was getting weaker with the cold clothes and hunger of not eating any solid food, Annie had to physically hold onto me to support me, my legs had no strength of their own, it was still raining and for 2 miles I was struggling big time and I think falling in and out of sleep or hallincinations, not sure what it was, there was some bridge that we had to go over and if not for Annie, I wouldn’t have been able to get over the amount of stairs which was about 40 or so I can’t remember but I know it was a lot!!

After the spell of two miles of feeling so run down and awful, I decided to run a little which I hadn’t done for many miles back and that put some boost into my body again, ran down some hills and soon it was morning but it was very drizzling as we advance to the aid station and totally unaware of the cut off time, I wanted to grab food and press on but only to be told that I have been timed out by my lovely friend Max, my face dropped, the dream was over at 67 miles with 17.15 hours of bit of running, walking and crawling I was 30 mins late to the aid station 😣😣😣😢😢😢 I soooooo wanted to carry on with even one leg if I have to but those were the rules, you must make the cut off times of each aid station or risk being timed out and it has happen to me 😔😔😔😔

I had to get a lift from one of the volunteers to get my bags at Oxford. How did this happen that I am driven to Oxford to get my bags and I didn’t make it there with my own two feet, I was just shocked and gutted to have been in this state. Arrived at the finish and seeing fellow runners get to the end and being rewarded with their shirt and buckle but I wasn’t one of them. I had to get shower and dressed, get something hot to eat and wait for my bags to arrive and congratulate all the runners as they finish struggle to get their balance. This was where I got asked the inevitable question, so you will coming back next year to finish it??? Of which I smiled and not sure how to answer it but inside I was just gutted that I didn’t finish it THIS time, the plan was to finish it this time. How will I summon the courage to go thru all of this again not just physically but mentally??? Which is the hardest part, trust me everyone 😣

So now it has become an UNFINISHED business that will need to be looked again and know how am going to approach it the next time round. I definitely need a Crew that is for sure, it is too much of a long way not to have one. I also need to work on speed too. The fall definitely messed up my plans and not getting to Henley in 12hours that is why I was timed out and couldn’t go any further so what would have happen if that wasn’t the case??? Can’t go back now or turn back time, that is life and I must eventually learn from the it and move on, with a week over, the events of 2/3rd of may still are going round and round in my head and wondered how things could have been different.

I also had to update family and friends on Twitter and FB that I have been timed out and the support was just super awesome, am so grateful for all the support as I said earlier in this blog, it was the support that gave me the courage to sign up for 100 miler and I couldn’t have asked for more. Looking back now I am just grateful to seeing all the people that were on the route for me and I had the courage to get up and keep going to 67th miles, it gave me the lift that Mandy, Lucy, Jennifer, Annie and Max and Susie were waiting for me and I got to see them 😀😀😀😀

It has taken a week to write this blog as I have been emotional about not finishing the challenge but I get another bite of the cherry again, I haven’t informed my family yet 😣😣😣😱😱😱 they won’t be too happy with me! The next race is Liverpool rock and roll marathon next month June. So now just rest rest rest rest and take it easy for a while, many thanks for reading this blog and remain blessed xxxx

The 80 miler weekend (inc #45&46), Paris marathon that didn’t count and taper for TP100

Hello supporters,

this is is a quick summary about the training for the TP100 event for the past few weeks and it is 2 more weeks before I will start on that line with 350 runners and be as nervous as hell but pretty excited all the same.  I have ran back to back long runs of up to 80 miles in two days including marathons no 45/46 and Paris marathon last weekend weekend which sadly will not count as #47 as I was out of the 6hrs cut off time which I was never aware of and was gutted but quickly over that now and I have a bigger event to concentrate on which I need all my mental strength to pull this off.  But still happy to have met loads of sole sisters and spend the weekend rocking and rolling with them 😀😀😀💃💃💃

this 100 miler will be the biggest race of the year for me and the first 100 miler which I am going to attempt, how am I feeling about it???😱😱😱 petrified and excited at the same time, I cannot wait to get started and it is good that I am having a week off before the race and after too, to get all the final prep ready but more importantly get my mind ready as it is the mind and most importantly the God almighty that will get me thru this huge challenge on the day.

RMR sole sisters at the Paris marathon

RMR sole sisters at the Paris marathon

I will also like to say a huge many thanks to all my fellow runners in all the groups that am part of, the words of encourage and support I get daily about this upcoming challenge has been incredible, you all believe I can do this so much and my prayer is to go in faith and believe all the words that I have heard and read from all of you, you all have literally given me wings to fly and it will make a challenging and scary race feel ‘easier’ when I start the challenge, many thanks before to everyone that have sponsored me too for this challenge and if anyone still wants to it is:

For more information on the race, website is and my running no will be 158 for people that want to track my plodding lol. All I that is left to do now is prepare the drop bags, food, equipment etc and more importantly my mind to focus and relax as much as I can. I have the week off from work before and after so that that extra pressure is off and just concentrate on the family and me as much as I can, sorry the blog is quite short but hopefully the next blog post the 100 mile race will be longer and lots to chat about.

with all the excitement of the few weeks I was able to visit my sister in Nigeria relaxing after the 80 miler run weekend and carbo load a lot before the Paris marathon. Thanks so much for the love everyone and remain blessed 😘😘😘😘